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THREAD LIFT (Free Training)



Spring Thread® brings you all what no other aesthetic thread can offer you at present.


Thread Lift bring you More security 


Medical grade polyester and silicone used are perfectly biocompatible materials.

Implanted for over 50 years, they are stable and inert.

The threads can be installed totally safely.


Thread Lift bring More duration


For your serenity, it is essential to choose an aesthetic thread that preserves for a long time the youth of your face.

Highly resistant, Spring Thread® is a thread composed of flexible and elastic spikes.

This has limited elasticity. It lengthens and follows muscle movements without risk of breaking.

After installation, which only takes a few minutes, you are serene for many years.


Thread Lift bring More reliability :


100% made in France Spring Tread is a 100% French made cosmetic solution . Each production step is perfectly controlled to offer a product of high quality. CE Marking (Class IIb) and compliance with ISO 13485 standards attest the rigor brought to its manufacturing.


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