» » » » DIVES VOLUME 1 ML (Face contouring, Jaw line, Cheekbones, Lip and face volume)

DIVES VOLUME 1 ML (Face contouring, Jaw line, Cheekbones, Lip and face volume)

Reference - DIVESV2

DIVES VOLUME 2 ML est Etudié pour Face countouring,Jaw line,Pommettes,Volume des lèvres et du visage,Sillons et rides marquées,Restructuration du menton
Technologie longue durée brevetée ,CE ON Allemand

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Box of 1 Syringe of 2 ml 


The innovative production technology protected by a patent of DIVES MED makes it possible to lengthen the durability of the product and to increase its Viscoelasticity. 


The use of long chains only with a single, dense and orderly arrangement ensures high stability and resistance to metabolization. 


Their dynamic and plastic structure results from the innovative protection of acid molecules with a three-dimensional network of uncrosslinked acid chains. 


A highly structured, well-arranged and externally stabilized nucleus slows down the process of decomposition of acid molecules and increases its efficiency. 



  • Face contouring, Jaw line, Cheekbones, Lip and face volume, Nasolabial folds, bitterness folds


The advantages of Dives Volume


  • Optimal acid concentration for natural effects 24mg/ml
  • Extraordinary plasticity allowing a smooth and precise implantation 
  • Pharmaceutical acid quality and advanced production technology 
  • Patented Safe Core technology increases the plasticity of the preparation, while maintaining optimal filling properties Prolonged biodegradation time using only long and evenly arranged acid chains with a concentrically protected core Marked with German CE0297 and ISO 13485 medical certificate
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