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BTX GOLD CREAM (Antiaging et Botox effect)

Reference - 0229MCCM

50 ml Airless
Permet de restaurer l élasticité de votre peau grace à l'acide hyaluronique que BTX GOLD , effet tenseur; “Effet BOTOX naturel” (Argireline)

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50 ml Airless


BTX GOLD is an excellent combination of gold particles, rose hip oil, soy protein and argireline prolongs the health and vitality of the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and regenerates the inner layers of the epidermis.


The BTX GOLD cream ensures maximum hydration for young, healthy and radiant skin with Botox effect properties: Soy, Gold Particles, Argireline (hexapeptide) and Rosehip Oil.


Active Ingredients:

  • Aloe Vera Hyaluronic acid Argireline (acetylhexapeptide)
  • Organic silicon (seaweed extract)
  • Rose Hip Gold Particles

Principle Functions


Anti-inflammatory, healing and moisturizing properties (Aloe Vera)

The moisturizing and viscoelastic properties allow the skin to soften restore its elasticity (hyaluronic acid) water retention properties; tensor effect;


"Natural BOTOX Effect" (Argireline)


Fight against free radicals, stimulates the production of stimulated collagen and elastin (Organic Silicon)

Anti-aging, Thinning Pigmentation, rehydrates dry skin (Rose Hip) Shine and softness (gold particles)


Recommended for all skin types Mature skins with loss of elasticity

The BTX GOLD cream is enriched with active ingredients that help reaffirm, nourish and protect the skin

Apply the BTX GOLD cream on the face and neck, morning and evening.

Allows the reduction of wrinkles and expression lines, giving your skin a look of perfection with a radiance


The BTX GOLD cream is ideal for special events (dinner, wedding, party)

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