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MESO HAIR (5x5 ml)

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5 x 5 ml

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MESOHAIR (5x5 ml)






Pack of 5 x 5 ml


Panthenol vitamin referred to as Pro-Vitamin B5.


It will impart long lasting moisturization and it is said to increase the strength of the hair shaft. Some studies report that dl panthenol prevents hair damage caused by overheating and over drying hair and scalp.


Mesohair conditions hair, reducing damaged split ends.


Pyridoxine is a Vitamin B6. inhibits DHT ( dihydrotestosterone ) creation and androgen receptor activity.

Thiamine is a vitamin, also called vitamin B1. If the body does not get enough B-1, it may not be able to process the food properly, which can in turn cause cells to become undernourished.


In the case of hair, this can result in thinning because the hair's normal growth rate may slow.


Biotin is known by two other names, vitamin H, standing for hair or vitamin B7.One of the first things that a person with a depleted biotin level will see is poor hair quality.

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