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Piruvex Peel is indicated for the treatment of skins with aging signs like fine and deep wrinkles or hyperpigmentations.


It is also useful for treating acne, actinic and fine seborrheic keratosis.

After Piruvex peel application skin tonicity, luminosity and smoothness increases.


Pyruvic acid an alfa-ketoacid naturally found in apples and vinegar with keratolytic, antimicrobial and sebostatic characteristics.


Its high acidity and low molecular size enables easy penetration of the skin, particularly in lipophilic areas.


Provides good results in the treatment of aged skin, improves the appearance of acne scaring, actinic keratosis and alterations in skin texture.


Lactic acid an alphahydroxy acid (AHA acid) with low molecular weight and keratolytic power encouraging epidermis and dermis thickening.


Activates collagen and elastin formation and increases hyaluronic acid concentration in the extracellular matrix.




Composition :



  • Pyruvic acid 40%
  • Lactic acid 10% 


Treatment cycle:



  • Six successive applications with a rest period of two weeks depending on individuals skin type and characteristics.
  • Maintenance applications are recommended every twelve months.





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