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CAFFEINE 10% (100 vials of 1 ml)

Reference - 0024MCCM

Box of 100 x 1 ml
Meso Caffeine 10% injectable tones the skin, and helps reduce cellulite.

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CAFFEINE 10% (100x1 ml)






Box of 100 x 1 ml


The action of caffeine drains the fat cells of the body, that is to say, it accelerates the circulation and stimulates the release of fat accumulated in the adipocytes, to burn by the body's own metabolism. 

Meso Caffeine 10% injectable tones the skin, and helps reduce cellulite. 

The application of a lipolytic agent destroys adipose tissue, resulting in localized weight loss, without causing side effects


Caffeine 10% MCCM can be mix with other injectable products MCCM 

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