DMAE 3% (20x5 ml)

Reference - 0093MCCM

20 Vials de 5 ml
Its tightening effect, firming and anti aging instant is very appreciated.

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DMAE 3% 



20 Vials de 5 ml


DMAE, also called Dimethyl MEA, is a derivative of vitamin B, choline, its tightening effect, firming and anti aging instant is very appreciated. 


Recent studies show that DMAE strengthens the skin by increasing collagen type I and type III. 


DMAE helps firm the skin, reduce sagging, improve elasticity, smooth wrinkles and brighten skin. 


DMAE 3% Injectable is recommended for:

  • Eye contour 
  • Eyelids 
  • Face 
  • Neck 


Effects and results: Antioxidant ,Collagen activator ,Firming and lifting effect ,reduction of expression lines ,bright and revitalized skin 


How to use DMAE 3% injectable?

  • Apply the product in the area to be treated with a circular motion massage or add it to a cream / mask for topical use 
  • Used in mesotherapy or other electrotherapy treatments, such as ultrasound, ionization or injections in aesthetic micro-needling treatments
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